We are an online support group for those affected (directly or indirectly) with Neurofibromatosis type 2.

About Us

A child on the beach with his hands outstretched , while the words Cure NF2 is written in sand

The NF2 Crew is one of the largest NF2 support groups in existence, with hundreds of members spanning the globe. We connect through a variety of Internet-based communication mediums, but mainly Facebook or email via Yahoo.

Since NF2 is the lesser known form of Neurofibromatosis, The NF2 Crew was established to address this issue. By sharing personal experiences and/or offering information on preferred doctors, surgeons, hospitals and treatments; members will find that the information within The Crew is notably more up to date than what a general practitioner may provide. Continue reading

Our Origins

Group photo of the Crew's original members

In 1994 two very good friends residing in the US, Jordan Harlow and Jennette Braaten, began to toss around the dream of an online support group for individuals with NF2. Simultaneousy, two others, Steve Silverman and Marianne Schneider were independently composing networks. Surely there had to be more people with NF2 out there?! The four put their heads together and that dream began to form. Continue reading