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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the NF2Crew.  If there's a topic we didn't cover, feel free to send an email to the Crew Webmaster.

Q: Who is the NF2Crew?

A: We are a private support group focused around NF2.  Virtually all of the members either have NF2, or a member of their family does.  Our membership is worldwide.  Most of the present Crew members come from the United States, Australia, or Canada, but we have members from places from several other countries as well.

Q: What is NF2 anyway?

A: See What Is NF2?

Some good source for additional NF2 background are listed on our links page.

Q: So what does the Crew do?

A: The NF2Crew functions as a place of support and camaraderie, and a place to share our information and knowledge with others, and to receive that when we need it.  Except for our common connection to NF2, we are a diverse group.

We have a wide variety of backgrounds, experience, and attitudes. We find that the NF2Crew is a place where we can share openly without fear that our identities will be shared outside the group.

We believe in and practice courtesy for each other and expect that kind of thoughtfulness in anyone joining us.

Each member is encouraged to submit a brief profile (Bio).  When you join the crew, someone will contact you shortly as to what information you will need to submit.

Q: I heard there was a real-time chat, too ...

A: Yes!  The NF2Crew primarily uses AOL Instant Messenger chat rooms.  Crew chats are not done on a scheduled basis.  After you join the Crew, if you want to participate in the crew chats, submit an email to the crew with your AIM screen name.

Is there an annual dues requirement to join the Crew?

A: No, though donations are welcome.  The Crew is totally self-sufficient and operated. Volunteers from our membership handle welcomes to the group, technical adds and deletes from the member list, bio requests and archives, and management of our webpage. To date, we have been totally Crew funded ... having no loyalties to any larger organization.  This gives us enormous freedom to express our feelings and ideas.

As the website does cost money to operate, we gladly accept contributions from Crew members. However, donations are not required.

Q: Sounds interesting.  Is this a place where I can find out about the latest treatment/procedure/genetic test?

A: This is NOT an authoritative source.  Once again, this is NOT an authoritative source. We generate a lot of discussion about these very areas, but be aware we are not doctors, and for any definitive information, you’ll still need to contact your doctor.


No members of the Crew are doctors and we do not presume to offer medical advice.  Our personal experiences with NF2 can enable us to be more knowledgeable and proactive patients. This information can help us know what questions to ask our Drs. about treatment options, side affects, and to recognize possible symptoms.

None of this information has been reviewed by competent medical authority and any decisions for treatment or to forego treatment should be made in consultation with your doctor.

Q: Tell me more about joining the list.

A: If you or someone in your family has NF2 and you wish to join the Crew, Click Here.

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Last Updated: 06/23/2005.

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