About Us

The NF2 Crew is one of the largest NF2 support groups in existence, with hundreds of members spanning the globe. We connect through a variety of Internet-based communication mediums, but mainly Facebook or email via Yahoo.

Since NF2 is the lesser known form of Neurofibromatosis, The NF2 Crew was established to address this issue. By sharing personal experiences and/or offering information on preferred doctors, surgeons, hospitals and treatments; members will find that the information within The Crew is notably more up to date than what a general practitioner may provide.

A child presents an important message

Every member is either directly related (family) or indirectly related (partner, friend) to someone with NF2, or has NF2 themselves. Though it can affect different people in different ways, the expression we often hear from new members is, “Wow, there is someone out there who is just like me!”

Members are also free to share non “tumor-talk”, since understandably there are times when we just need a break from NF2. Whether it be inspirational images, funny videos, or to vent about a personal nature, we want you to feel this is a safe haven. Anything said is considered confidential.

The Ohio Gathering October 2012

We also organize occasional “Crew Gatherings” where members get together to meet in person. We have an annual NF2Con in Las Vegas, as well as an annual Ohio Gathering in Columbus over Memorial Day weekend. We also try to get a group together each Spring in Florida. At times, members outside the US even make the trek over!