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About Us
NF2 Crew History

The NF2 Crew started in 1996 as a mailing list.

A few individuals with NF2 had been chatting on the Prodigy Bulletin Board for a few years when a few of them began to discuss the possibility of a NF2 group online globally.  Shortly after that a handful of people tried it out.

In time there was group consensus that the "group"� should have a name. In the usual spirit of democracy, various names were tossed out, a vote was taken, and the NF2 Crew was the clear winner.   Members of the Crew are now affectionately referred to as "Crewbies"�.

We have since created the Message Board to address the issue of  "mail overload" that can often occur from our Mailing List.

Our membership is now over 300 --  globally!

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