OZ- Adventure. 2006    

From Friday, November 3 2006 - 8:00am
To Monday, November 6 2006 - 5:00pm
Every day

OZ-Adventure, 2006

Surfers Paradise, Australia

Ever thought about visiting Australia and just thought it was too hard to do or donít know how to go about it?

Ever wanted to see Kangaroos. Koalas, Wombats, Platypus, Emus ?

Ever thought Ďmaybe if I had others to do a trip like that with, I might go ? Ď
Well this November 3rd in 2006 might be the best chance youíve ever had to come on down, down under to visit us in Australia. From personal experience there is NO better way to see a country than with people who live there and to do this with friends from the Crew who understand just adds to the experience .

Each year our Australian NF2 group named NF2OZLINE holds the NF2OZADVENTURE, Itís a group gathering of Aussies and New Zealanders with NF2 and their families and friends and anyone else from the NF2crew that wants to join us from around the world. The OZ AD is held in a different city of Australia each year, 2002 was at a city named Surfers Paradise, 2003 was Sydney, 2004 Melbourne, 2005 Sydney once again  and on November 3rd 2006 once again in my home town of Surfers Paradise.

Still sound too hard to do ? Not so.

In 2002 we have over 20 Americans and Canadians from The Crew fly down under and join us for a week or two or three, we also had Brenda come visit from Mexico in 2003.

We stay right on the beach in real apartments not hotels and each apartment has its own full kitchen and laundry, huge balconies and even parking space. You will be right in the heart of the city, prime location with restaurants, supermarkets, nightclubs, blue ocean and spotless sandy beaches as far as your eyes can see.
What do we do ?  Well in 2002 we had day and evening outings together. 2006 outings are still in planning stages.
Apartment sizes are 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms. Both 2 and 3 room apartments have an En-suite off the main bedroom.

Prices : Remember all these prices are in Australian dollars which today is worth 75c to the American dollar so the actual cost to you is about 3/4 of whatís quoted below .

1 Bedroom apartments $ 193 per night sleeps 2 ( around $144 US )

2 Bedroom apartments with bathroom and en-suite $274 per night sleeps 4 ( around $205 US )

3 Bedroom apartments with a huge balcony, bathroom and en-suite $357 per night sleeps 6 ( $267 US ) Thatís only $45 per person per night . I know a number of Americans already wish to share an apartment with others from Crew so weíll work all that out as it gets closer.
We may even fly on to Sydney for a few days if enough would like to do this experience together. A One way flight to Sydney is around $70 AU or $53 US. Some may even choose to fly home from Sydney rather than Brisbane.
Where do you need to fly to ?
Youíll need to fly to Brisbane Airport which is 50 miles north of Surfers Paradise and as in 2002 weíll make sure we are there to meet you when you arrive and transport you to your hotel.
Apartment rates are correct as of 2/2/06, Australian dollar value fluctuates daily. There is no profit made from these gatherings, we simply split the cost of events between us.
If you are interested or need help or advice, contact Marcus at marcusfromoz@bigpond.com



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