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Dr. Karen Roos
Wishard Hospital
Indianapolis, IN
Specialty: neurology

Robert L. Campbell, MD.
Emerson Hall Room 139
545 Barnhill Dr.
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5124
Telephone: 317-274-8893
Specialty: Surgery (brain, spinal and orthopedic)

Richard T. Miyamoto, MD.
Riley Hospital
702 Barnhill Dr.
Room 0860
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5000
PH: 317-274-3556
If no answer: 317-274-5000
Specialty: Adult and Pediatric Otology (ENT)
Neurology - Skull Base Surgery
Hearing and Balance Disorders

Robert D. Yee, MD.
Professor and Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology
Indiana University School of Medicine
702 Rotary Circle, #344
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5175
PH: 317-274-7101
Specialty: Neuro-opthomalogist familiar with NF2



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