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Who We Are

The NF2 Crew is an online-based support community for patients and family members with Neurofibromatosis Type 2. We are one of the largest NF2 based support groups in existence with over 700 members spanning the globe. Our "meetings" are held through a variety of Internet-based communication mediums.

  • Group Lists (These are optional email lists that use yahoogroups. For a description of the Group List, please click here .)
  • An online Message Board (Once registered, all members will automatically have access. For a description of the Message Board, please click here .)
  • Real-time Chats (All registered, logged in members have access. Simply click Crew Chat in the Members menu on the left. Although the chat room is available to be used 24/7 by all NF2 Crew members, there is a scheduled Monday - Friday at 4 PM pacific / 7 PM eastern group chat.)

Note: The Members menu will only appear after you login.

We also organize occasional "Crew gatherings" where members get together to meet in person.

Every member is either directly related to someone with NF2 or has NF2 themselves, though it can affect different people in different ways, one of the expressions we often hear from new members is "Wow, there is someone out there whose like me!" We share information on doctors, hospitals and treatments; as well as Non "tumor-talk" when you just need a break from NF2. Anything said is considered confidential, if a Crew member just needs to vent, share something of a personal nature or just ask a question, we want them to feel this is a safe haven.

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