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NF2 Crew History

Update 1999:

The Crew is operating at about 65 members as of the recording of this history. We change and grow weekly now and are also operating under a new list-management protocol. About a month or so ago, we signed up with Majordomo, which offers a more automated way of running the list. One note is sent to the "host computer" address, then that address (computer) distributes all Crew posts to the existing membership. It has really made things in the Crew much easier and they run more smoothly. The NF2 Crew remains a place of friendship, support, and information for people with NF2, their families and loved ones.


Update January 2001:

Membership of the NF2 Crew now approaches 200 members. Due to the number of postings, a second "social list" was started to handle more of the off topic posts. Our email list is managed by one list and has over 1500 posts a month. We've since lost a few crew members to NF2, one of the originating founders and initial creator of this biography, Jordan Harlow as well as Adam Miller, the original webmaster of the crew web site.  This website has it's own domain, 


Update 2003:

The Crew continues grow now hosting about 250 members. Two more offshoot NF2 Crew lists have also formed on yahoo (where we currently reside). One is the NF2 Roadcrew.  This list  is specifically for Crew members who plan trips together.  It formed when a group planned a trip to Australia in June 2002, to visit our Australian Crew members. The list remains with hopes of more planned group trips in the USA and abroad. The second list is the NF2 Ozline list.  This list is similar to the Crew except its specifically for people with NF2 who live in Australia and New Zealand..

As we enter this third year of the new millennium the Crew remains stronger than ever. We have dealt with many passings and comforted family members and each other with each one. Yet despite NF2's nature to take from us we have every reason to believe that researchers are on the brink of finding new ways to lessen NF2's effects in the near future.

Towards the end of 2003, the NF2Crew website was moved to to expand our internet resources, and we made an unsuccessful attempt to move our email lists onto our website server.  This was done in an attempt to move away from yahoo.


Update 2006:

 It's difficult to believe, but the Crew is celebrating our 10 year anniversary this year! The Crew has grown and developed over these past ten years, we now have over 300 members, including members from Malaysia, India, Brazil, Ireland and China just to name a few.

Some changes we have made in just the past year...

  1. We have a new, revamped, easy to use website.  Thank you Pete and Jennette!
  2. We have added a Message Board, an option for people who are looking for information but may not have the time to deal with volume of mail that is often generated by the Mailing List.
  3. Advocure was formed, a new NF2 Advocacy group. The website is: 

And our crew-gatherings continue to grow. Of course there is still our traditional Las Vegas Con which is held every year. But in addition, in recent years we had crew gatherings in Daytona Beach, Chicago, New York City, Columbus and Toronto!  And currently some members of the Crew are planning an "Alberta Adventure" in Canada in 2007!


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