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Has anyone used oral chemo?
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"I was on hydroxyurea for 6 years and I had no further growth of my meningiomas or schwanommas and I stopped it when my dentist said some mouth problems maybe related to it but it turned out the hydroxyurea wasn’t the cause. I have a friend who also has NF2 has been on it about a year now and her meningiomas and schwanommas haven't grown further either and I will be getting my next CAT scan within the next six months. If there has been any further growth I will continue on Hydroxyurea again indefinitely and there are people with a type of Leukemia or sickle cell anemia who have been on it for 30 years or more. Any more questions about it?  Drink alot of water while taking it like at least two liters a day and get your blood tested for white blood cell and red blood cell count.  For people with many meningiomas and schwanommas it is an option"


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