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Term Definition
ABIsee Auditory Brainstem Implant
ABRsee Auditory Brainstem Response
Acoustic NeuromaA benign tumor developing on the hearing and balance nerves near the inner ear.
ANsee Acoustic Neuroma
Artifical TearsEye drops used to provide more moisture for treatment of dry eyes. Some types of Artificial tears include Refresh™Celluvisc, Thera Tears, and Refresh™ Liqui-Gel. These are just a few.
AstrocytomaA tumor that begins in the brain or spinal cord in small, star-shaped cells called astrocytes.
Auditory Brainstem ImplantA small complex electronic device that is surgically placed (implanted) against the brain stem that can restore some level of hearing when the cochlear nerve has been damaged or severed. during an acoustic neuroma removal, commonly referred as an ABI.
Auditory Brainstem ResponseA physiological measure of the brainstem's response to sound. It tests the integrity of the hearing system from the ear to the brainstem by measuring the length of time for signals from sound to be detected by the brain.

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