Local Support Groups

Although the NF2 Crew is an online NF2 support community, members can also be found in their city’s local group that provides NF related support. Below is a list of those local support groups.

If you have a group that you would like to have listed here, a support group with more then one person with NF2 in it, please Contact Us and let us know.

 We provide opportunities for late-deafened and hard of hearing people to socialize in ways that return a sense of normalcy, a sense of belonging. Our website:  http://www.deafnonprofit.net/alda-fl

This support group meets approximately every three months at the center for Hearing and Communication in Manhattan. We share experiences, offer advice and support, and socialize.If you are interested in joining our group, or attending one of our meetings, please visit our website at http://nf2nycsupport.org/

 Michigan NF2 Support Group

Michigan’s NF2 Support Group reaches out to people in the entire state, western Ontario, and neighboring areas.  Some have been dealing with the disorder for decades, others have been diagnosed more recently. Together we represent a broad background of experiences and knowledge about treatment options, medical center capabilities, and coping strategies.
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NF Society of Ontario

The NF Society of Ontario (Canada) is an organization made up of volunteers providing support and services to NF families. In addition to assisting individuals and families, the NF Society of Ontario works closely with clinical and research professionals who specialize in the treatment of NF.
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