Occasionally members of the NF2 community have items to sell to promote or support NF2. There is no universal shopping cart, you must deal with each individual vendor. The NF2 Crew does not warranty any items listed here.

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  • NF2 Awareness Wristbands

     These turquoise colored wristbands say “Cure NF2” on one side and “Never Give Up” on the other side.  
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  • Catch It Anytime You Can

Nicola may have bleary vision but she brings the read to know, with startling clarity, the challenges, laughter, tears, joys and devastations she faces as her life options are gradually reduced by a serious illness. 

What could appear on the surface to be a bleak story becomes a powerful example of how a strong independent spirit can adapt to find new ways forward. With underlying humour, Nicola’s story defines to us the true essence of hope. 

Catch It Anytime You Can is based on a true story and may truely alter your perceptions of others.

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  • A Trip Down Memory Lane

    From the author:

    “When people ask me if I’m terminally ill, I plainly answer: ‘No’. And that’s not a lie. Unfortunately enough, it’s a bit more complicated than that. My disease doesn’t affect me directly, but indirectly it does. It’s not easy explaining that in just a couple of lines. That’s why I wrote this booklet.” - Thomas Steenhoff

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  • I’m Not Sick, Just A Little Bit Unwell

     Yvonne Foong’s intent is to spread awareness of Neurofibromatosis Type 2, yet she offers so much more to the reader. Her compelling account of the challenges she faces provides important insights into the manifestations of an unpredictable disorder.

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  • Who Am I? My life with NF2

    Jane E Wilson‘s book Who am I? gives a patient’s perspective of living with Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2). It does include some NF2 facts and information that is indispensable to anyone wanting to learn more about the disease.

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  • NF2 Living The Challenge

    From  Chapter 1 –
    “Hopefully this book will be informative and help you understand our living with NF2, how we NF2ers struggle on a daily basis and giving glimpses of turning our chores into challenges….” 

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  • Poems With A Promise

    The first poems of Jane written in the late 1980’s.  Price: $12.00 USD  You can order a copy of the books by contacting the author at:

  • Poems With A Purpose

    Written by Jane E. Wilson in 2008 continues on with her poetry.  Also, the book contains the words to hymns (public domain) that are favorites of everyone.  Price: $12.00 USD  You can order a copy of the book by contacting the author at:

  • Poems With A Prayer

    By Jane E. Wilson aka Poetgirl contains poems about our beloved NF2 friends and our challenges with every day living.  It also gives breath prayers and thankfulness to God for carrying us through our days. Contact the author at:

  • Never Giving Up Hope

    Holly Alonzo turned her life’s experience into a book, “Never Giving Up Hope.”  Having her life turned upside down with the diagnosis of Neurofibromatosis Type 2, losing her vision, adapting to her new way of life only to have it change again, and finding love along the way.

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 Logo-ware and more!

We take requests   Let us customize a product for you. Logo’s, family photo’s, pet photo’s, etc.

For personalized item assistance, 

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Smiley Buttons

Wear one of these Smiley buttons to tell the world that although you may not be able to physically smile, you are smiling mentally.

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