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NF2 support - The only place on the WEB for people with NF2 (and their families) to come together, face our challenges, and learn through sharing.
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2 NF2 Crew members get married!

The NF2 Crew is an online based support group for Patients and Families with Neuofibromatosis Type II. We are one of the largest NF2 based support groups in existance with over 200 members spanning the globe. Our "meetings" are held via e-mail (this especially works well as many with NF2 are Deafened or Hard of Hearing) along with occasional "Crew meetups" where members get together to meet in person

Every member is either directly related to someone with NF2 or has NF2 themselves, though it can affect different people in different ways, one of the expressions we often hear from new members is "Wow, there is someone out there whose like me!" We share information on doctors, hospitals and treatments; as well as Non "tumor-talk" when you just need a break from NF2. Anything said is considered confidential, if a Crew member just needs to vent, share something of a personal nature or just ask a question, we want them to feel this is a safe haven.

In memory of Jordan Harlow -- one of the Crew Founders

Jordon Harlow


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