Many of our members are now using Facebook. Below is a list of the various Facebook networking pages and groups related to NF2. If you are aware of any other NF2 groups that you would like listed here, please EMAIL US and let us know.

NF2 Relevant Facebook Groups

NF2 Crew - The main NF2 Crew Facebook group. People with NF2 and their family members, close friends, and/or caregivers are welcome to join this group.

NF2 Just Us - This is a group just for people with NF2. We would like to keep this group to just us. We love our non-NF2 friends and family, but this group is for us to rant about our worries.

NF2 Parent Support - Parents with NF2 Children
- This group is for parents with a confirmed diagnosis of NF2 in their child/children.

NF2 Pediatrics - This group is for ALL parents of children, under the age of 18, who have NF2 or not and are wanting information/education/support in regards to the disorder.

NF2 Moms & Family Planning - A judgement free zone to discuss parenthood, family planning and the various options those with NF2 have.

NF2 Spouses, Partners & Significant Others - NF2 might be hard for people with NF2, but it can be just as hard and sometimes harder watching someone we love dealing with NF2. This group is a place to make friends with other people in the same or similar position.

Young NF2 - A group for the younger generation of NF2′ers to discuss their unique concerns and experiences.

Miss NF2 - A ladies only NF2 group to discuss personal matters.

NF2 Man Cave - A place where men with NF2 can talk or not talk about living with NF2.

ABI Users with NF2 - Discussion for those with/interested in Auditory Brainstem Implants (ABIs).

NF2 Neighbors of the Southeast (Neurofibromatosis Type 2) - For people with Neurofibromatosis Type 2, that live and/or are treated in the southeastern United States.

NF2 Canada - This group is not meant to replace any of the other NF2 groups. It only to discuss treatment locations in Canada with other Canadians.

Other NF2 related Facebook Pages or Groups:

Advocure NF2, Inc.
NF2 Smile Project
Ohio Gathering
Children’s Tumor Foundation
Help Stop NF2 Foundation
NF2 Awareness

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