7-Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise

We have created a yahoo group mailing list for people going (or interested in going) on this cruise with us. To join:   CLICK HERE

The Cruise: Royal Caribbean
The ship:  Freedom of the Seas
The itinerary:  CLICK HERE
The price:  CLICK HERE

A $500 deposit will hold a cabin for you… yes, that is $500 per cabin, not per person ($250 per person), and the balance wont be due until the end of January, 2013.    (Plenty of time to save up, yes, no excuses! )


Cococay, Bahamas

Beautiful Night

We are trying to get a group-booking together for this cruise. Meaning, the more cabins we can book in our group, the more on-board credit and other perks “EVERYONE” in the group will get.  Our group will be seated in the main dining room together, if you do choose to eat there, otherwise this is “your” cruise to enjoy as you please… get together with friends, family, etc.  Spread the word!

If you are interested in going on this cruise with us, please contact Jeanie (our travel agent) below and let her know you are with the NF2 Crew group.

Jeanie McConnell
Tel:   816-645-4124
FAX: 877-250-7180

NOTE:   Please have “THIS LIST“ ready before you call (or email) to put down your deposit.

You have until 10/3/12  to make a deposit for a cabin at the price we have stated here on this website.   I have been able to hold a block of cabins at this price, but I can only hold this block until 10/3/12. After that the cabins go back into inventory and the prices will be at the prevailing rate at the time of booking. Please contact Jeanie to see what price of the cabins at that time.




I know many of you are asking, “What happens if I make a deposit and plan to go, then  NF2 steps in and  interrupts my plans?”  I asked Jeanie this very question and here was her reply:

“We recommend the traveler take vacation protection insurance.  Up to final payment, the deposit is fully refundable.  After that, if the cancellation is due to a medical reason, validated by a doctor, the portion of the payment that was non-refundable is covered with proper documentation.   I have attached the policy by Travel Guard we recommend because it does cover pre-existing conditions if purchased within 14 days of initial deposit.  I carry it whenever I travel.  The company is very good about prompt refunds.”

And HERE is that policy.

PASSPORTS ARE NOW REQUIRED!   All Passengers MUST have a valid passport to board the ship. You can get a passport at your local Post Office. Passports usually take approximately 4-6 weeks from the time of application. For more information about passports, please visit: http://travel.state.gov/passport

Be  sure to come back and look at this page again (bookmark it!)…. I will be updating the information here as the cruise time approaches!!  Also, please feel free to share this page and/or contact me anytime if you have additional questions. My address is: jennetteb@nf2crew.org

Countdown Cruise!!

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