Our Origins

In 1994 two very good friends residing in the US, Jordan Harlow and Jennette Braaten, began to toss around the dream of an online support group for individuals with NF2. Simultaneousy, two others, Steve Silverman and Marianne Schneider were independently composing networks. Surely there had to be more people with NF2 out there?! The four put their heads together and that dream began to form.

In the early 1990’s, there was a very small close group of individuals with NF2 who communicated via the (now defunct) Prodigy Bulletin Board Network. At the same time, small groups were also communicating through AOL and through ALDA. However, cross-platform email was not possible back then, so that dream sat idle.

The Original Members in 1995

By 1996, the internet finally allowed for cross-platform email and a handful of people tried out using an  email list. Word of mouth quickly spread … and the group began to grow. Fast.

In time, there was group consensus that this group should have a name. In the usual spirit of democracy, various names were tossed out, a vote was taken, and NF2 Crew was the clear winner. Lynn Bluett-Knox submitted that winning name.  Members of the Crew are now affectionately referred to as “Crewbies.” Mike Ashley created our logo. The anchor in the logo was put in there for Jordan. She would often say, “The Crew is my anchor.”

And the rest is history. That small original group of friends have created what is now a “worldwide” NF2 support group full of Caring, Sharing and Friendship.

Update, 2015 : With the boom of Social Media, the NF2 Crew and additional NF2 groups can also be found on Facebook. The original email list at Yahoo continues to remain active.