NF2 Email Groups on Yahoo

Where the Crew all started! We began and continue to exist as an email list on Yahoo, and welcome all persons affected directly or indirectly with NF2, no matter age or location. If you are interested to start emailing with other members of the Crew;

Join the NF2 Crew Mailing List!

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** Note, a Yahoo account is not required. If you don’t have a Yahoo account, send an email to:, to join. If for any reason, you wish to leave the Email Group, send an email to:

Members of the Crew have also branched out to form email groups depending on location, age or interest. If you would like to join an email group specific to your lifestyle, please join any of the groups mentioned below.

TO JOIN: Visit the link of interest and either click the ‘Join Group’ button if you have a Yahoo account, or if you don’t have a Yahoo account, send an email to their subscription address found near the bottom of their page.

If you are aware of an NF2 email group that is not listed here, please Contact Us.

NF2 Zoobies - The NF2 Zoobies list is for crewbies 18 and older who are looking to kick back and hangout with others. We laugh, we share jokes and we have FUN. Anything goes with us Zoobies so beware … enter at your own risk!

NF2 Social - The NF2 Social list is intended for all crew members, as well as their kids, battling NF2. A family type environment where we can take a break from our health concerns and offer each other support and understanding.

NF2 Roadcrew - The NF2 Roadcrew is a social style group made up of people with NF2 and their families from the NF2Crew that enjoy traveling around the world together and social discussions.

NF2 UK - A group for people affected by Nf2 and their families in the UK. Nf2 can be a very isolating condition so the group aims to offer support and provide an opportunity for discussion about all things related to Nf2.

NF2 OZline - The NF2 OZline is a support group and discussion list for Australians and New Zealanders with NF2.

NF2 NYC - The NF2 NYC Support Group meets approximately every three months in NYC at the center for Hearing and Communication in Manhattan. We share experiences, offer advice, support, and socialize.

NF2 Trial Talk - TrialTalk is a discussion group for people with NF2, who is either on or seriously interested in a clinical trial, and their immediate family. Please note, there has been no recent activity. Please deter your questions to the main group.